October 11, 2017 This is to testify to the position of 1GC as of to date, whereas 1GC has decided to upgrade its business model to become gateway link for Small Medium Businesses globally. Whereas, 1GC operation as of effectively will be under the FORSEAA (Forum of Small Medium Economics AFRICA ASEAN) system. Whereas, 1GC hereby announces the official resignation of its current CEO - Dato' Verdon Bahanda and the appointment of new Chairman Mr Nico Barito, Secretary General of FORSEAA. As of to date, the existing reward system under 1GC will be held until the migration of the system is fully installed.
1GC | Anti Flood System
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What Is Flooder

Flooding is a Denial of Service (DoS) attack that is designed to bring a network or service down by flooding it with large amounts of traffic. Flood attacks occur when a network or service becomes so weighed down with packets initiating incomplete connection requests that it can no longer process genuine connection requests. By flooding a server or host with connections that cannot be completed, the flood attack eventually fills the hosts memory buffer. Once this buffer is full no further connections can be made, and the result is a Denial of Service.


1GC Anti-Flood Objectives

1. Flooding attacks will undermine 1GC service and brand equity while taking chunks out of 1GC profit sharing flow. 1GC Anti Flood System will monitor and mitigate service helps to protect 1GC Social Media.
2. To block malicious data packets before they can choke 1GC private network
3. Maintaining the flow of legitimate business traffic
4. Applying proactive measures against intruders and unauthorized activities before they affect 1GC network.


1GC Anti Flood Security Module

1. Block proxies.
2. Detect flooding IP addresses.
3. Slow down or restrict access for automated tools (HTTP flood, brute force tools, vulnerability scanners, etc.)
4. Implicit deny for DoS/DDoS attacks
5. Save 1GC server & backend infrastructure resource(database, cpu, ram, etc.) under an attack.
6. Restrict access permanently or temporarily for listed IP addresses in "ban list" file.


1GC Anti Flood System Restriction

1GC will introduce Anti Flood System in order to maintain genuine connection requests. 1GC will monitor network traffic to establish a baseline of normal patterns. Based on these norms, 1GC will analyse our social media ongoing traffic in detail and indentify anomalies in seconds. When we confirm a DDoS/ Flooder attack, 1GC will scrub or block the bad traffic. We will allow valid traffic to flow virtually uninterrupted in our 1GC network. Serious action will be taken if 1GC found out that members are flooding our 1GC social media network.


1GC Anti Flood Warning

1. 1st Warning : Unusual Activity - Ban for 1 hour
2. 2nd Warning : Repetition 1st Warning for 3 times - Ban for 24 hours
3. 3rd Warning : Repetition 2nd Warning for 3 times - e-Wallet deduction for previous week